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Our passion lies in creating exquisite pieces that tell the unique story of each zodiac sign. At Rose & Grace, we believe that jewellery is not just an accessory; it is a reflection of your individuality, guided by the cosmic forces that shape our lives.

Our Story

Our Founder

Sophie has been crafting exquisite jewellery since 2005, demonstrating a passion that has flourished into an artistry of its own. Following the successful completion of an art foundation degree at MMU, she further honed her skills by achieving a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts: Jewellery and Metalwork at NEWI College of Art and Design.

Our Story

The Story Behind Our Brand

Since graduating in 2005,Sophie has worked in numerous Jewellery workshops, as well as her own established workshop creating many bespoke pieces, wedding and engagement rings and stone set pieces. After some big life changing events and a burst of creative energy, 

Sophie decided she wanted to leave her mark on the jewellery world by launching her brand and Rose and Grace was born. 

Constellation Collection

Not long after having her first daughter in 2014, one of her mum’s close friends, affectionately known as “The Oracle” by Sophie, came round with an Astrological Personality Reading for Lyla Rose.  In it was detailed the type of personality Lyla would have and future characteristics. At the time it was interesting to read but of course couldn’t be compared to Lyla , who was still a baby.

As time went on, Sophie often referred back to the reading and was amazed at how accurate it was. The fact that the position of the sun across a constellation, your date of birth and the day you were born can influence who you are as a person is fascinating. This fuelled Sophie’s interest in Astrology and the constellations making up the zodiac signs, which has inspired the Constellation collection.

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